Mel Lanzer

During the post-war housing boom of the early 1950s, the Mel Lanzer Company was set up to build 50 homes a year and became one of the area’s most successful residential contractors. However, when the demand for housing declined in 1955, Mel was forced to re-focus his efforts toward commercial projects. Through hard work, hard times, and a lot of determination, he laid the foundation for what now is one of Northwest Ohio’s most respected commercial contracting firms.

Offering customers the same level of quality and attention to detail that residential customers had received, the Mel Lanzer Company quickly became respected in the field of commercial construction. Over the past 50 years, we have been involved in hundreds of building projects that are well known throughout the region.

Just as the Mel Lanzer Company adapted to market changes in the 1950s, we still are growing and changing today. Our seasoned, innovative staff- now supported by the latest in design and construction technology-are position to meet the evolving needs of our diverse customer base.

Although Mel Lanzer has passed, his standards and principles still influence the way the company conducts business. His family members and their staff carry his commitment to quality construction forward.

Lyndsey Lucas

Project Management

Matt Lanzer

Project Design /
Project Management

Dan Follett

Director of Construction Services / Head of Estimating

Kyle McAllister

Kyle McAllister

Estimator /
Project Management

Maddie Glassford

Maddie Keil

Office Manager

  • Char (Lanzer) Zgela, Financial Advisor